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Tess Of The Durbervilles: Coincidences Lead To Consequences Essay

The belief that the order of things is already decided and that people's lives are determined by this "greater power" is called fate. Many people, called fatalists, believe in this and that they have no power in determining their futures. Despite this, many others believe that coincidence is the only explanation for the way their lives and others turn out. Thomas Hardy portrays chance and coincidence as having very significant roles in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" continuously. Three such coincidences were quite influential and had large effects on Tess's future. The first being that Tess Durbeyfield's father, discovered that their family came from the oldest, (and at one time) most wealthiest family in England. Another event that occurs by mere chance in Tess's life is when Tess slips a letter of confession underneath both her lover's door and (by accident) the carpet, where he could not see it. The final coincidence would be the death of Tess's father, which not only leaves Tess in a state of deprivation, but also the rest of her family including her mother and six siblings. All of these coincidences had consequences that would change Tess's life,.For the first sixteen years of her life, Tess Durbeyfield and her family lived in a middle-class-like situation in the town of Marlott. Since her father, was a life-holder on the cottage in which they lived, his rank was above the farm laborers. However, John Durbeyfield is not in good health when we meet him and he does not put much interest in working, and instead spends time drinking. Upon returning to his home one evening, Durbeyfield meets a man named Parson Tringham who tells him that the Durbeyfield family is the "lineal representative of the ancient and knightly family of the d'Urbervilles, who . . . came from Normandy with William the Conqueror."(p. 18) This news suddenly changes Durbeyfield's view on his family's lifestyle and he decides that they should be living as their knightly and noble ancestors once did.With this new lifestyle in mind for his family, John's wife, Joan Durbeyfield recalls that a man by the name of d'Urberville lives not far from their home and might be able to help them in their hard times, seeing as how he is kin to them. After the death of their only horse, the Durbeyfield family must do something to sustain themselves, but Mr. Durbeyfield ref... ... comes of this major coincidence in Tess's life, because if her father hadn't died and Angel hadn't returned at just the right moment, she would not have killed Alec and would not have been sentenced to an execution for her crimes.Through each and every one of these coincidences, Tess's life changed quite dramatically. Each event that occurred by complete chance left Tess in a predicament where she was compelled to take control and do something to improve the situation. No matter where she was--in the location of her birthplace, a sheltered little town, or in the comfortable landscape that surrounded the dairy, or even in the harsh scenery of the farm-- Tess always knew where she belonged and what she was meant to do in each place. Every coincidence or occurrence that came along, forced Tess to rethink her situation and draw up the courage that to realize who she was and where she was going. The consequences that came, due to her decisions were all ones that Tess was ready for. Even when sixteen men followed her so that she could be punished for the murder of Alec d'Urberville. "'It is as it should be. . .This happiness could not have lasted. . .I am ready.'" (p.417)

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College Success and Personal Responsibility Essay

Honesty is the key component in personal responsibility because it shows that an individual can be trusted with key information or completion of homework assignments. There is a strong belief that one’s word is their bond, meaning what the individual states or a claim is valid and true. Other essential components to personal responsibility are dependability, positive attitudes, and professional competence. Some people say that an individual’s character holds a higher value in personal responsibility over honesty, dependability, or a positive attitude. Everyone will have a different definition regarding what personal responsibility means to them. I would define personal responsibility as honesty, dependability, a positive attitude in every aspect of my life, and professional competence. To even further define what personal responsibility means to me, I would need to explain what the words â€Å"personal† and â€Å"responsible† mean to me. Personal to me means that my actions and materials belong to me. Some examples of personal materials that belong to me are my laptop computer, my car, and my homework assignments. These are things that I have purchased or gifts that have been given to me, however my homework assignments are papers that I have written and not plagiarized. Some examples of my actions would be going back to school, completing tasks at work and going to the gym. These things may be in dollar value or just everyday activities that I do. To me responsibility to means that I have the ability to answer for my actions, knowledge of the possible consequences I could receive for my negative actions, accolades for the positive. As a child I was always taught cause and effect and how my actions would affect myself and others around me. The possible consequence of my action not to pay my monthly car payment is repossession of my vehicle. The long-term effect of such action is not having my own transportation to get to work, school, the gym, or any other locations that I may need to go to or want to go, as well as car insurance getting canceled. When an individual possesses the key elements of personal responsibility, the individual will succeed in areas such as professionalism and academics. Several years ago I took personal responsibility for granted. In my failure to be honest and dependable with my finances and health, I struggled and suffered greatly. In the early part of 2002, someone asked me, â€Å"Where did I think I would be at in my life 10 years from now†? I responded to them I do not know. Over the next several years I had allowed others to dictate to my finances, my personal belongings, and even my health. Yes, when you do not have a sense of personal responsibility, everything in your life becomes compromised. The first steps in taking responsibility is stop blaming others and accept that it is up to me to do better (â€Å"Taking personal responsibility,† 2011). Once I stopped blaming others for the downfalls in my life and started owning up to my own actions, I was better able to fully understand what personal responsibility was and what I needed to do. Because I took an active stand toward personal responsibility I was able to improve my finances, health, and other aspects of my life. You may be wondering how professional competence relates to personal responsibility. Professional competence is the ability to understand varied concepts and ideas and also be capable to accomplish tasks (whether school assignments or career tasks on the job) with little or no supervision (University of Phoenix, 2012). By applying professional competence in your academics you will exemplify high moral values in completing class assignments. You will show yourself, instructors, and employers that you have taken the time to do your own work to your utmost ability, and that you can develop new ideas on how to solve not only everyday problems but also new problems as well. The rewards that will be acquired in having personal responsibility and college success are unlimited. Some examples of the reward that go with personal responsibility and college success is completion of my degree program, earning a degree, or a plus is earning a degree with honors, and having the ability to apply the knowledge of my degree in my career field. Personal responsibility does not just apply to academic success; it also applies to career and general success. Gaining and maintaining college success is not only grades and attendance, but it does play a huge part in academic success. It also includes participation in class, group, and forum discussions and dedicating yourself to do your very best when completing assignments in an ethical and competent manner. According to the Quick hints, study tips for college success article published by the Miami Times â€Å"Studies show that students who study often and read their textbooks thoroughly earn better grades.† (â€Å"Quick hints, study tips for college success,† 2005). A student, who demonstrates personal responsibility in college, will gain administrative support from the university staff and instructor when it is needed and maybe even letters of recommendation. An employee who demonstrates personal responsibility in their career may receive bonuses for jobs well done, promotions into higher positions, and letters of recommendation. There are several methods I would use to maintain my personal responsibilities in my academic career. My top methods include maintaining a schedule, reading all material, arriving to class and team meetings on time, by seeking help through various resources, completing all work assignments in a timely and honest manner, and asking questions in class on material that I do not understand. Other methods may include â€Å"Create a good learning space, free from distraction; Take notes in text; and Return to the beginning and repeat the process† (â€Å"Quick hints, study tips for college success,† 2005). All these methods when combined, will not only help me in my education but also in my career by improving my knowledge of work given, meeting scheduled deadlines, meetings scheduled for specific times, and working as a trustworthy employee. Personal responsibility is more than honesty; it is dependability, positive attitudes, and professional competence. These factors are not just limited to academic success but also career and personal success in multiple aspects of your life. They can be used as guidelines for various learning and promotions in self and team enrichment. Therefore, personal responsibility has both positive and negative effects to yourself and those around you. By exemplifying high moral values in personal responsibility you will achieve success in everything you do. References Quick hints, study tips for college success. (2005, October). Miami Times, 83(7), 3B. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/363118060?accountid-35812 Taking personal responsibility. (2011, September). The Daily Gleaner. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/dovview/887612423?accountid=35812 University of Phoenix. (2012). Professional Competence. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, Gen200-Foundations for General Education and Professional Success website.

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Book Review and Reflection - 1144 Words

Book Review and Reflection on â€Å"The One Minute Manager† Group Process in Supervision EDAD 511 October, 23 2008 I chose â€Å"The One Minute Manage† because it looked like a short read and it appeared that it was going to generalize hundreds of different type of management theories into a few pages. This is a short, well written book explaining the fundamentals of management: make sure your staff member knows what they are to do, praise them if they do it, reprimand them if they don t, and to have a training plan to make sure they develop into better, more productive employees. The story is of a young man seeking the answer to the question, â€Å"what is the one minute manager?† Also, the interviewer wants to know why is this region of†¦show more content†¦In their mission for a happy working environment and a positive, friendly working relationship with their staff they are afraid and unwilling to make any objective and constructive criticism. The One Minute Manager points out that it is just as important for sta ff to get clear messages about the attitudes and behaviors that you don’t want them to repeat as the ones that you do. The secret, of course, is the way in which you do it. A very useful tip is their idea of â€Å"feed forward† rather than â€Å"feed back†. In other words, don’t dwell on what was wrong with their past work or efforts but focus on what you would like them to do and to be confident that they can do so in the future. In many aspects of business and personal life there’s no such thing as a given or a sure thing. It’s a given that organizations should be helpful when dealing with customers, but they don’t always do it. It’s a given that employees should be adequately trained to do their job, but it doesn’t always happen. Of course it’s a really basic management principle that employees’ desirable behavior should be re-enforced through recognition and praise. Where as work or attitudes less desi rable to the organization should be pointed out and corrected. Fundamental yes. Generally implemented? No! As a School Business Administrator I can easily refer to this book as a simplified resource manual for managing. It takes into consideration the needs of both theShow MoreRelatedBrave New World By Aldous Huxley1519 Words   |  7 Pageshappy with their predetermined role in society. People are psychologically conditioned in their sleep and told not to love, but rather to have sex for fun. Also, a drug called Soma is used to make people feel no pain and it has no repercussions. This book does not exactly follow a solid plot however, later on in the novel characters from the New World and Savage reservations are introduced. The differences in ways of life between the New World and the remaining Savage Reservations are showcased. †¢ Theme:Read MoreReflection Of The Confucius A Chinese Philosopher s Saying Essay1604 Words   |  7 Pagessaying: By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC) Chinese Philosopher Definition of Reflective Practice: This practice is one of the oldest theory that experienced by ancient Greeks over 2500 years ago as a concept of intention in exploration of truth, and this old concept meaning of reflection features in many modern definitions. Donald Schon introducedRead MoreAnalysis Of Christopher Doob s The First Edition Of Social Inequality And Social Stratification 1119 Words   |  5 Pagesstratification in US Society. The author structures this book in the direction towards a theoretical concept that attracts the reality of social inequality and stratification as a whole. Doob dissects this books into eleven chapters given that each chapter examines the inequality of stratification. Also during the readings of this book Doob used plenty of data to show the socioeconomic strata revolved around the history of America. In relation to this book the assigned four readings in class â€Å"Class A guideRead MoreMy Experience in English Composition1142 Words   |  5 Pagesand enthusiasm of the instructor; the hand-chosen homework assignments; the concepts of the standard composition textbook; the illustrative stories of The Longman Reader; the detailed look into process analysis; the peer review practice; and, the revisi ng, editing and reflections have been priceless. I believe these elements of English Composition-I have adequately prepared me for English Composition-II. The insight and enthusiasm of the instructor has been of utmost importance. As far asRead MoreThe Character And The Narrator Of Obasan1249 Words   |  5 Pageswere her maternal grandparents. Grandma Kato sent many letters to Naomi that essentially revealed what happened to Naomi’s birth mother. †¢ Theme: Obasan highlights the importance of self-reflection. Looking back in the past for anyone can be painful but some peoples pasts were more traumatic that others. This book shows you that no matter what pain or torment you have been subject to in the past, shoving it under a rug and forgetting about it will solve nothing. On the other hand, reflecting and learningRead More14 Best Reading Practices956 Words   |  4 Pagesindividual students. This ongoing evaluation directs and informs instruction.       Best Practice 3: Instructional Planning Teachers plan instruction considering three phases: before, during and after reading.       Best Practice 4: Collaboration and Reflection Teachers routinely self-reflect and collaborate on instructional practices and student progress within school and/or district.       Best Practice 5: Learning Standards Teachers facilitate conceptual knowledge of Illinois English Language ArtsRead MoreEvaluation Of A Mini Reading Lesson Plan1300 Words   |  6 PagesModule 9 Reflection 3 In this reflection paper the student was asked to write a mini reading lesson plan. 1. Name of Strategy: Teacher/Peer Modeling (Read Naturally Strategy, 2009) 2. Grade Level: Third Grade 3. Type of Disability: A student that needs this strategy to increase fluency would have trouble in one of the following areas: identifying words, decoding unknown words, knowing the meaning of words parts or proper use of phonics (Seder, n.d.). 4. Material/Reading Text: I chose thisRead MoreLeadership : Theory And Practice1231 Words   |  5 Pagesprocess, involves influence, occurs in groups, and involves common goals. Thus, he defines leadership as a process that occurs in groups which involve influence, and common goals. The book is easy to read and is a good reference to continue to consult throughout one s leadership vocation. Personal reflection From this book, I gained the perspective that leadership is a process and is not necessarily something that is born with and that it is a transactional event that occurs between leaders and followersRead MoreHow I Think Theologically By Howard W. Stone And James O. Duke1554 Words   |  7 PagesIn their book, How To Think Theologically, Howard W. Stone and James O. Duke convey to their reading audience on the very first page of their introduction that â€Å"†¦Christian theology is at its roots a matter of faith seeking understanding.† The premise of the book argues – no states emphatically â€Å"†¦their (christians’) faith makes them theologicans.† It is this foundational point on which the entire work pivots. So Stone and Duke are asking their readers to buy in to the realization that by merit ofRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The New Rules Of Retail By Lewis And Dart1108 Words   |  5 PagesBook Review This paper is a review of the book â€Å"The New Rules of Retail† by Lewis and Dart, 2014. The book was written on marketing and how organisations should change tactics of trade with time. The reflections of the book will help us to find out how retail changes affect the market and trade. It seems as if retail activities have gone through a circle of evolution; there is change in every practice. There are distinct preferences that companies must meet both locally and internationally. Lewis

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Meditation And Breathing - Suggestions For Beginners

Meditation and Breathing - Suggestions for Beginners By Paul Kleiman | Submitted On May 23, 2016 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Paul Kleiman Years ago, during a rough patch in life, I started seeing a behavioral psychologist to deal with some anxiety issues and insomnia. Part of his sessions often consisted of a guided meditation, where he would speak to me in gentle tones while I lay on the sofa, breathing deeply. The meditations were probably a good 20 minutes or so, and frankly, I wondered if perhaps these sessions were just a way for my therapist to get a break from listening to my life nonsense, but I found them very relaxing and left afterwards feeling calm and refreshed, two feelings that didn t come naturally to me. After one session, my therapist complimented me on my breathing. He noted that I could slow my breath down and take very long, deep breaths that helped me reach a different state. Higher consciousness? Maybe. Calm and relaxed? Definitely, at least during and for a bit after the meditation. He asked if I had learned this somewhere. I told him about the years I had spent taking Kundalini Yoga from a prominent LA teacher. It wasn t dailyShow MoreRelatedThe Cognitive Appraisal Model : Richard Lazarus Developed Cognitive Assessment Model2036 Words   |  9 Pageswhile other groups tend to deal with the stressor by finding help in their communities. The coping strategy that is used during an event depends on the person. This proves that multiple coping strategies can be used for the same stressor. The first suggestion that I will personally carry out to minimize stress is exercising regularly. My earliest class starts at 9:30 a.m. every day. This gives me more than enough time to wake up at 7:30 each day, get ready and walk right across the street to the YMCARead MoreEnergy Healing Essay examples10168 Words   |  41 PagesFor thousands of years, religions the world over have extolled the benefits of meditation and quiet contemplation. In Islam and Catholicism, Judaism and Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, and in religious practice from the Americas to Africa to Asia, the value of sitting quietly, using various techniques to cultivate stillness or focused attention of the mind, has been well recognized. The goals of religious meditation extend far beyond its potential physical health benefits and also extend beyond theRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesTraining Methods 553 †¢ Evaluating Effectiveness 554 Performance Evaluation 554 What Is Performance? 555 †¢ Purposes of Performance Evaluation 555 †¢ What Do We Evaluate? 555 †¢ Who Should Do the Evaluating? 556 †¢ Methods of Performance Evaluation 558 †¢ Suggestions for Improving Performance Evaluations 560 †¢ Providing Performance Feedback 562 †¢ International Variations in Performance Appraisal 563 Managing Work–Life Conflicts in Organizations 563 Summary and Implications for Managers 566 S A L Self-Assessment

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Cultural Globalization and Westernization - 698 Words

Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of worldviews, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Cultural globalization is dealt with in our everyday lives. It deals with different ideas, meanings, and values throughout the world, globally. International travel, television, music, the Internet and many different popular cultures influence it. Globalization has been questioned whether or not it actually leans towards the Western culture, or if it occurs due to western influences. According to the Global Policy Forum (2005), the spread of values, norms, and culture tends to promote Western capitalism. Westernization is the adoption of western traditions or techniques in different parts. Now days, cultural globalization could be considered as a branch of Westernization. In the past, and even today, globalization has been connected to Westernization. Many of those who have a â€Å"positive† view on globalization, often see it a s an impact towards the Western world. Westernization is noted as a continuing process of globalization. With this being said, it is suggested that the â€Å"Western† idea has lead to globalization and that globalization spreads Western culture, which is an ongoing cycle of Westernization. John Tomlinson (1995) says that when people talk ‘Westernization,’ they are referring to a whole range of things: the consumer culture of Western capitalism with its now all-too-familiar icons (McDonalds, Coca-Cola, LeviShow MoreRelatedWesternization Is The Result Of The Contact Between Western And Non Western Cultures962 Words   |  4 PagesWesternization is the result of the contact between western and non-western cultures. Beginning in the fifteenth century and playing out until the nineteenth century, colonialism and neo-imperialism by means of the Euro-Atlantic economy’s authority, played a major part in the spread of western culture. For example, even after deco lonizing and becoming their own countries with their own governance, many former-colonies adopted aspects of western politics, even if they firmly opposed other aspectsRead MoreWesternization Of The West And The Rest1295 Words   |  6 PagesThe phrase â€Å"the west and the rest† is often discussed in regards to how westernization perhaps influences and even trumps other cultures. Westernization is defined as a â€Å"cause (a country, person, or system) to adopt or be influenced by the cultural, economic, or political systems of Europe and North America† or to â€Å"be in the process of adopting or being influenced by the systems of the West† (New Oxford American Dictionary). This implies that it is frequent that other cultures are exposed to WesternRead MoreHybridity As The Cultural Effect Of Globalization- Introduction1563 Words   |  7 Pagesthe cultural effect of globalization- Introduction According to Avtar Brah and Annie Coombes, the term hybridity originated as a biological term that was used to describe the outcome of a crossing of two or more plants or species. It is now a term that is used for a wide range of social and cultural phenomena involving mixing, and has become a key concept within cultural criticism and post-colonial theory (A. Brah and A.E. Coombes. 2000.). Marwan Kraidy defines the term as the cultural logicRead MoreInternet Spread the Uniformity of Cultures757 Words   |  4 Pagesyears, the spread of Internet around the world has sped up. Secondly, the improvement of networks makes the Internet more convenient and accessible such as wireless technology. Finally, with the rapid growth of people’s computer literacy and globalization needs, the Internet is becoming prevalent in business and daily communication around the world. Although there are numerous conveniences the Internet brought to our life, the spread of Internet in some degree influenced diversity or uniformityRead MoreLast Is Hybridization Which Focuses On Interactions Between1515 Words   |  7 PagesLast is hybridization which focuses on interactions between internal and external flows. With this theory, the world becomes more pluralistic and can break borders while producing unique cultural hybrids which combine their elements. They also have the ability to adapt and innovate as there are more global and local flows. Muslim girl scouts are a strong example of hybridization as girl scouts are a part of American institutions, and they are becoming more accepting with including Muslim girls. HybridizationRead MoreThinking Globally and Acting Locally 1172 Words   |  5 Pagesglobally acceptable TV network and it has dominated in the entertainment market across the world. Youths in different countries enjoy the MTV shows and programs. However, this has had both negative effects and positive effects on the youths. Globalization has led to an increasing connection among different people of the world. This means the youths are to know about what is happening in the larger environment. The youths have borrowed and shared good ideas and innovations across the world underRead MoreThe Impact Of Cultural Imperialism And De-Westernization935 Words   |  4 PagesPresentation report The topic of the presentation is Cultural imperialism and de-westernization. The term cultural imperialism can be defined as broad cultural effects of imperialism including colonialism, but more recently, it tends to have the imperialistic impact of global capitalism. Cultural imperialism is recognized as a kind of form of the Western hegemony in which a way of cultural power to dominate other national cultures throughout the world that is not only through the entertainment butRead MoreThe Globalization of Culture: Cultural Homogenization1707 Words   |  7 PagesCultural individuality and distinctiveness is the pride of every nation. All communities rejoice in the richness and exoticness of their own cultural symbols, be it dressing, architecture, language or way-of-life. With the dawn of globalization, however, cultural variety and distinguishing characteristics are vanishing; giving rise to a monoculture common to all. While this may be a harbinger of unity and relatedness among all people of the world, it also damages the unique cultural identities theyRead MoreGlobalization Effect on Pakistan1531 Words   |  7 PagesAffect of Globalization on Pakistan The word Globalization refers to â€Å"the growing integration of economies and societies around the world† (World Bank 2010). There has been an increasing amount of connection between various economies and one of the greatest challenges we face is to make this connection a positive one. Globalization certainly has the greatest influence on developing nations around the world. Countries such as India, China and Russia have been positively affected by globalization sinceRead MoreEssay The Phenomenon of Cultural Globalization747 Words   |  3 Pages The term globalization is commonly used to describe the increased mobility of goods, services, labor, and technology throughout the world. Globalization is a social change; it is really an increase in connections among societies and their elements. Globalization has become identified with a number of trends, most of which developed in the period after World War II. The developments of technology, organizations, legal systems, an d infrastructures helped enable this movement to occur, thus leading

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Chosen Case Study And E-Commerce

Question: Discuss about theE-Business Application for Alibaba Case Study. Answer: Introduction E-commerce is the type of commercial exchange of products and monetary units that in which, every transactions are conducted through the internet (Yao et al. 2015). In this system, the buyer orders a product by choosing from a wide variety of products in the official website of a certain e-commerce company and the company delivers the selected product to the customers home and the transaction is conducted either through the internet (net banking, online payment by cards, etc.) or manually during product delivery. In this report, the chosen e-commerce company is Alibaba and their e-business strategies and IT infrastructure have been discussed. Chosen Case Study and E-Commerce Company Operation Alibaba Group operates its business through e-commerce system and has branches all over the world. Their main business objective is to build a worldwide e-commerce infrastructure in order to provide services to more customers and establish a strong commercial organization (Du et al. 2013). In addition to providing business options, they also allow mutual interaction between the customers as well as the product merchants in order to satisfy customer demands for more efficient business system. For all these processes, they have successfully implemented a strong Information Technology infrastructure that has led them to commercial success (Leong et al. 2016). Alibaba Groups main aim is to further develop the company in the future along with the implementation of latest technologies in order to increase the existing market competitiveness as well as gaining more control over global market. Ease of Use of the E-Commerce Site The e-commerce site of the company is very easy to use as it has a very customer-friendly interface and any new user can easily find the products and varieties the company provides. Moreover, the company provides a large number of offers and discounts as well as wide variety of products all of which are clearly displayed on the official website of the company (Zheng et al. 2015). Any user, who wants to buy a product, can find the product of his needs as well as its varieties and different sellers from which he can choose one of the choices. The company enjoys massive popularity within the regular customer base due to this user-friendly appearance of the site and the availability of the services as per the displayed information in the website. E-Business Applications Used Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in the world and hence, it must have a suitable e-business application that will help run the business in the company efficiently. For this, Alibaba has subscribed to Big Data services paired with a microfinance system. Big data is a virtual data storage technology that stores huge amount of business and commercial data and provides an efficient system for managing and calculating the business records and statistics (Xiao et al. 2015). Again, Alibaba has partnerships with different online vendors for different online operational procedures like online payments, virtual data storage system and others. For example, the online payment system of Alibaba is managed by a vendor named Alipay. All these e-business applications together have promoted the growth of Alibaba as the largest e-commerce and e-business company in the world. E-Commerce Marketing Strategies Alibabas main marketing strategy is to spread business over different regions by taking over small and medium sized regional retailers and varying the price of products according to the demand in that particular region (Xue et al. 2015). Alibaba promotes the growth of the regional retailers, which in turn promotes its control over the regional market. Alibaba also has the end goal to expand its e-commerce business all over the world with the help of latest technical upgrades and a successful marketing strategy. Hence, the company mainly focuses on developing the e-commerce system further and mixing it with more innovative marketing strategies. E-Commerce Supply Chain Strategy Alibaba mainly operates its business with the help of supply chain strategy. Alibaba is not a manufacturer or even a retailer. Alibaba has a number of subsidiaries that manufacture and sell products (Fan et al. 2015). The products of these companies are sold in the name of Alibaba and the subsidiaries are only responsible for delivering the products to the home of the customer. Payments are also directly made to Alibaba and the subsidiary companies get their share of the sales. Since Alibaba deals with e-commerce system, it provides product description in the website as well as the name of the product seller. Upon service booking, these companies pick the selected product from manufacturer or their own factory and deliver them to the customer in the name of Alibaba (Cheung 2016). This is how, Alibaba has built up a successful global supply chain and promotes growth of its subsidiary suppliers in order to gain control over the regional market. E-Commerce Security Strategies The main weakness of the company is in the application of its security strategies. The whole business system of the company depends on the activities of the third party vendors with whom the company has forged partnerships. The company also uses highest technical systems for conducting its business (Dongwei 2016). However, aside from some basic security measures, the company will have no particular answer if it is attacked by some serious third party cyber attack. Hence, the security strategy of the company needs to be revised for ensuring the safety of the business system of the company. IT Architecture The IT architecture of Alibaba includes a worldwide network of cloud computing services as well as a central Big Data system. Alibaba has subscribed to several cloud computing services and conducts all the business related activities through these services. Moreover, the Big Data system is used to store all the business data and statistics within a central virtual storage server (Hu et al. 2014). Alibaba also has partnerships with different online vendors for different online operational procedures like online payments, virtual data storage system and others that have been successfully interconnected by the company to build up an efficient IT architecture system. Conclusion From the report, it can be concluded that Alibaba is a successful e-commerce company because of its successful business plan and a very efficient e-commerce service using the latest technologies in the internet. Their main business objective is to build a worldwide e-commerce infrastructure in order to provide services to more customers and establish a strong commercial organization. Alibaba has partnerships with different online vendors for different online operational procedures like online payments, virtual data storage system and others. All these factors as well as a successful IT architecture have allowed Alibaba to flourish over a large area of the world. Recommendations In spite of international success, Alibaba has certain weak spots. Some recommendations for compensating these weak spots are as follows. Low End Market Although Alibaba promotes growth of the regional market, it mainly deals with the high end market i.e. it mainly deals with high priced advanced technical products that are mainly purchased by the higher levels of the society. Alibaba should also promote the medium and low end markets in order to enjoy even more control over every layer of the global market. Too Much Virtual Interface Dependence Alibaba depends on the virtual interface and cloud services too much. Moreover, they use third party vendors for the online payment management. This is a very risky business as a large scale cyber attack from a third party can cause massive damage to the companys business. Hence, the company should start its own online transactions and data management systems in order to have more control over the commerce related activities. References Cheung, M., 2016. 28. the e-commerce revolution: ensuring trust and consumer rights in China.Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in China, p.412. Dongwei, S., 2016, January. Cross-border e-commerce helps SMEs reach global markets. InInternational Trade Forum(No. 2, p. 16). International Trade Centre. Du, J., Lu, J., Wu, D., Li, H. and Li, J., 2013. User acceptance of software as a service: Evidence from customers of China's leading e-commerce company, Alibaba.Journal of Systems and Software,86(8), pp.2034-2044. Fan, J., Tang, L., Zhu, W. and Zou, B., 2015. The Alibaba Effect: Spatial Consumption Inequality and the Welfare Gains from E-Commerce.Available at SSRN 2707293. Hu, J., Holt, S., Marques, J. and Camillo, A.A., 2014. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management in Contemporary Globalism: E-Commerce Development in China.Handbook of Research on Effective Marketing in Contemporary Globalism, p.325. Leong, C.M.L., Pan, S.L., Newell, S. and Cui, L., 2016. 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Micro Characteristics and Problems Reflected in the Development of Peasant E-businessman: A Case Study on an Alibaba's E-business Town in Fujian, China.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Kafkas The Metamorphosis Analysis Essay

Introduction The Metamorphosis is one of the main novels by a famous Austrian writer Franz Kafka. In addition, it is one of the most bright and impressive works of modern literature. The main subject of the novel is the family relations and problem of a person’s worthiness in the society. The main character of the story, Gregor Samsa, wakes up one morning and realizes that he transformed into a terrible bug.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Analysis Essay specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This fantastic change of the main character is just an artistic mean which serves as a basis and background for other actions and other metamorphoses in his family and society that surrounds him. Thus, the central motif of the story is the â€Å"metamorphosis† of a person and society. The Metamorphosis analysis essay shall examine the main topics of the short novel. The author explore s and analyses such social problems as a person’s worthiness and the ills of society, making use of a mixture of fantasy and reality, allegories, and analysis of the psychology of the society. The Metamorphosis provides a deep insight into the human soul and family relations in the middle-class Australian family. Analysis of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis from Modernism Perspective In the novel, the author emphasizes that society is hostile, and it does not need unproductive members. In order to show social-person relations, the author shows the relationships of the protagonist with his family. It is a typical and, at the same time, unique work of the modern period. As has already been mentioned, the Metamorphosis is a work that contains all traits of modernist literature. It explores the ideas of individualism and contradiction of a person and society. The main subject of modernistic literature is the problems of modern life and the role of the individual who faces these p roblems. What does The Metamorphosis have in common with many other works of literature? The works of modernistic literature are marked with pessimism and a response to the emerging city life and its society. The stream of consciousness is the leading literary convention used to transfer the absurdness of life and an individual’s attitude to the world. Extensive use of comparisons, personifications, intertextuality, and psychoanalysis are the significant signs of modernism. The Metamorphosis, as a typical example of the modernistic literature, contains many symbols and metaphors, â€Å"Kafka often used a plainly described world of persecution in which one irrational element would be introduced to complete the narrative down an absurd path† (Childs 125).Advertising Looking for essay on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This work can be challenging to analyze for the unprepared reader, and differ ent readers can find different themes and meanings in this novel as there are plenty of them. However, the line, which every reader notices, is the line of changes that are discovered at different levels. The first change is a physical change of the protagonist â€Å"When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.† (Kafka 13). The second change occurs with the mental state of the protagonist when he becomes aloof of the outer world, and â€Å"he was showing so little consideration for the others† (Kafka 22). Finally, the third line of changes appears within his family and its attitude to the protagonist. All these changes appear in real and fantastic context and, â€Å"Kafka’s ability to successfully join the fantastic and the real is often noted as being at the root of his genius† (Bloom 34). The piece of writing   has strict structure and develops in chronological order. The st ory opens with the scene when Gregor Samsa, a young man from a middle-class family, wakes up in the morning and discovers that he transformed into a terrible insect. The beginning of the story immediately provokes excitement and suspense. What is interesting is that Gregor does not feel worried about his transformation, but he is concerned about the fact that he will miss a train and will be late for a job. He had never missed even a day and, â€Å"in fifteen years of service Gregor had never once yet been ill.† (Kafka 16). The fact of transformation is a strong literary convention that helps the author to explore the main subjects in his work. Symbolism in the Novel: Summary After having transformed into a terrible insect, Gregor preserves his human soul, and he is still worried about his family, and he needs help and support of his family. But he receives them neither from his parents nor from his sister. The only thing that concerns them is that their single â€Å"source of income† will not be able to bring money. The only things that Gregor receives from his family are anger, fear, and even aggression. Even the fact that this insect is their son and brother cannot excite their understanding and compassion. In his turn, Gregor understands his family members and makes everything possible not to bother them. Reading the novel, one realizes that behind the appearance of the bug, there is a king and tender soul of a young man. Gregor tries to bring fewer concerns to his parents and family, he does not leave his room not to frighten his mother and hides under the bed when his sister cleans the room. A tense atmosphere in the family grows. All family members are starting to hate Gregor, and they behave as if he is not a human anymore.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Analysis Essay specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The breaking point for the story comes when Grete, Gregor’s sister, declares that the insect in the room is not Gregor anymore and just a bug and they have to get rid of him: â€Å"Things cannot go on any longer in this way. Maybe if you don’t understand that, well, I do. I will not utter my brother’s name in front of this monster, and thus I say only that we must try to get rid of it. We have tried what is humanly possible to take care of it and to be patient. I believe that no one can criticize us in the slightest.† (Kafka, 137). The same night Gregor dies, and nobody misses him. The problem of the individual and person’s worthiness appears though the text. When Gregor was still a human, he was discontent with his job but did it to pay the debts of his father. Thus, the author explores the conflict of society and human existence in it. Gregor’s transformation in the insect was a logical continuation of his involuntary dependence and his unhappy human life. The allusion to the insect is not accidental. The bug is unprotected in front of society, as well as Gregor’s life was. After the transformation, the life in the family changed, â€Å"the house soon started to fall apart; the household was reduced more and more.† (Kafka 111). However, it was not for a long time. Soon, a metamorphosis occurred to other members of the family as well. Gregor’s father â€Å"turned from a lethargic, failed businessman to a productive, active member of the work force† (Bloom, 44). The family does not need Gregor anymore. They have got money, and it is the only thing they wanted from Gregor. It may seem that family’s attitude to Gregor changed after his metamorphosis. However, it is evident that this change only discovered the truth. Thus, Gregor was only a â€Å"machine† that brought money. It was his primary role in the family.Advertising Looking for essay on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His family treats him as a working â€Å"bug.† However, not only his family but also the society where he lived as well treat him this way. He discovers that he was not worthy of anything, and even if he dies, nobody will notice it. Gregor lived as a bug, and he transformed into a bug. But, the readers are not horrified with the transformation, but with the terrible attitude to a poor young man. Even the view of the reader suffers changes. We feel compassion towards Gregor, and his family’s behavior fills us with indignation. A terrible everyday life and attitude of parents to their son seem to be unacceptable. However, it is a terrible reality that depicts a real social structure. What Aspect of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Can Readers Mostly Relate to Today? In the character of Gregor Samsa, the author focused not only on the individual problem of one young man but the problem of the whole society. This novel is the brightest expression of the tragic perception o f the world that was a characteristic feature of all Kafka’s works. The situation of transformation can be interpreted in different ways. It may concern a family and social alienation, the loneliness of a person capable of compassion and self-sacrifice, one’s difference from others. Kafka depicts the protagonist’s mental and spiritual isolation as a result of his metamorphosis. The author shows the essence of society realistic and believable: you are a member of the community while you can perform your job and serve it. However, if you are not capable of doing it, society does not need you anymore and can even get read of you. Gregor is an unproductive individual, and his family is a symbol of the society which does not want to accept the one who does not bring any profit. In this novel. Kafka emphasizes the fact of human vulnerability in society. A person is just a powerless and helpless â€Å"toy† doomed to be lonely, even among the closest people, his/ her family. Conclusion The Metamorphosis is an innovative work in the world of prose. It is full of symbolic and metaphorical images that emphasize the tragedy of a person’s fate, the alienation of the personality, its helplessness in front of society. The novel depicts the hostile world. It is one of the stories that make people think about â€Å"questions of life.† It makes it one of the best modernistic works of literature and the most examined and criticized novels. As The Metamorphosis analysis essay evidences, different people can find different themes in this book. However, the dominant theme is the alienation of the person and its relations with society. Through the description of family relations in the Gregor’s family, the author makes allusions to the relationships in modern society. The author provides the idea that society is cruel, and it does not need unproductive people. This idea is closely interrelated with the social problem of a personâ€℠¢s worthiness in the world. The author expresses his vision of the person’s role in society, making use of the fantastic transformation of the protagonist in the bug. Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2006. Childs, Peter. Modernism. New York, Routledge, 2008. Kafka, Franz. Metamorphosis. Delaware: Prestwick House Inc, 2005. This essay on Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Analysis was written and submitted by user Gianna Pace to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.